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We work hard and with all the passion we have. We are very happy when we find positive comments on our production. (to see them all click here)

"Vanity Wedding have been able to materialize our dream. In their shots are captured all the emotions of that special day. Original and creative, flexible and fast... they have fulfilled all our requests and gave us valuable advice. What else to say...Very professional! " Annalisa + Massimo 12/08/2015

"I contacted Vanity Wedding on the advice of a friend and I am infinitely grateful to him. We had a great, clear agreement immediately: flexibility, willingness to see each other on weekends, but most of all rapidity in the service. Excellent!" Chiara + Andrea 18/10/2015

"Excellent service. Memorable photos and a wonderful album, with exciting graphics. The team is friendly and with excellent taste: they could be excellent wedding planner. Moreover, despite a very bad rainy day our pictures are radiant as if it were a sunny day. The cover of our album is in fact under the umbrella!. Thanks vanity wedding! “Eleonora + Piero” 11/10/2015

"We saw Vanity Wedding working at the wedding of friends and chose them a year before we got married. And the result is great! Talented, willing, invisible, original, fast. Spectacular! We married on 4/10 and they gave us the album on 23/11 . We strongly recommend them! "Alessandra + Marco” wedding date 10/04/2014

"We were looking for a “cool” service but without excess. I would say we have hit the choice: natural shots and maximum flexibility towards our needs. We have also appreciated the discretion shown both in the Church and during the reception: virtually invisible but without missing a shot! "Diego + Manuela wedding date 09/27/2014

"Absolute professionalism since the first contact, it was quick and easy to have an appointment to meet the photographer and have the service exspained. Excellent picture quality, excellent job in the album pagination, discretion and professionalism during the service! I would do the same choice again! "Marco + Irene wedding date 14/09/2014

"Bright, professional and discrete. Forget (finally!) static and impersonal photographers taking artificial pictures of your most beautiful moments. They are there but not seen. And take excellent photos (and videos...!) Wonderful! Clever and super recommended! "Alice + Philip wedding date 05/09/2014

If you look for professionalism both in the realization of the pictures and in post production, Vanity Wedding is the right choice! Looking at the shots we feel the happiness of ourselves and our guests All was made unobtrusively and without keeping us too much time from our friends and the rest of the party. Original innovative photos to better describe the most beautiful day of our life! All photos taken will be yours and you will be advised in the choice of them and in the layout of the album, which will be delivered very quickly. You can choose among different proposals, all perfectly capable of telling the whole day! Highly recommended! "Simona + Simon 08/30/2014

"We had pictures in record time and a few days after the wedding we were able to show them to our guests. The best reviews came precisely from them with compliments that of course we referred to Donato and Stefano. All of them (... even the most unexpected ones...) enjoyed the magnificent photo sets and the projection in real time in the hall of the images that they were taking. The boys have taken photos continuously without interfering with the feast. They were very kind, discreet and helpful. The photos we were given are a reflection of all this: natural, modern and original. Really happy to have chosen Vanity Wedding !!! "SARA+ FRANCO Wedding date: 31/05/2014

"The Service was carried out with precision and professionalism, proper attention and a touch of creativity. The two photographers were friendly, helpful and always present, taking photos of every moment of the day without ever being intrusive. We are satisfied with the result and we recommend contacting Vanity Wedding. " FEDERICO + ELENA 16/05/2014

"Donato and his staff of Vanity Wedding are the invisible men, they pass by, take photos and disappear. They strongly rely on the naturalness and spontaneity of the scene to capture, rather than on resting pose. Of course there are also moments to pose, but it takes a short time. They will "kidnap" you for a few minutes, but then leave you free to entertain your guests and you lose sight of them, who continue doing their work. Exceptional the idea of a fotoset with a white towel in the background and various gadgets. Donato, Stefano and Andrea (the videomaker ) are really exquisite people, making their work with great passion. We were on honeymoon, when they contacted us to tell us that the DVD containing our 3,000 (!) shots was ready. When we came back home we chose the album, and after typesetting it and sending it to the printer, at the end of July we could receive it, whereas, in some cases for these things it takes months of months. Donato was really fast and precise, in less than two months he delivered all that was agreed upon" ERICA + STEFANO 10/05/2014



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